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Deansrath family Centre is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for child and family support.

  •  Incredible Years Centre of excellence status

  • offers a wide range of early years services including:

  • child therapeutic interventions;

  • family support

  •  provision for children with special educational needs

  • day care and preschool as a welfare response

  •  parenting programmes with scaffolding supports

  • voluntary work

  •  participation in Research

  • maintenance of children in the school system

 The Organisation is committed to the delivery in the main of evidence-based programmes supported by evidence informed practice. All staff are accredited practitioners in their field of Incredible Years Expertise and are involved in leading peer support with other Organisations in order to build their capacity. The Centre operates an open door policy delivering a range of family and child focused programmes within a transparent and inclusive ethos to families in a broad surrounding area,which includes Southwest Clondalkin, Balgaddy, Clondalkin Village and Lucan. 

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